Friday, October 22, 2010

Thanks for memory...

Starting from that moment.
You will only can be my friend.
Not more than that.
In present and future.
Forget all about the past.
That's my promise to myself...
A friend, I still am.
But you decide the best for yourself.
I hope we can still grab some coffee, chit-chat about the past and present; in the future.
Ah, I guess that is just a dream that won't come true.
Because I'm the only one hoping.
You'll remain as a memory.
As you wish, I'll no longer bother your life.
However, it would be great to hear from you, once in a while.
For there were many things left unspoken.
Whatever it is, its good that you're happy now.
Treasure those good memories, I will.
Thanks for the memories.
To whom it may concern.
Of course you know who you are;
I know you're still as sharp as you were...

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